The student experience is varied and unique. In the following resources we have worked to provide a variety of material from multiple sources regarding their experience at CSU. You will also find various pieces of information regarding applying to CSU, specific programs and majors offered, navigating the financial aid process, and more. As always, if you have questions please reach out to the Near Peer Mentor Program.


Near Peer Mentor Program Interview Series

The following videos are recorded individual and panel interviews including current and former Near Peer Mentors. These interviews are intended to provide you with a sense of the student experience, as well as to learn more about the Peer Mentors you may connect with!

Kayla Interview

Noah Interview



Colorado State University Office of Admissions Campus Life

The Office of Admissions runs a site with information regarding Campus Life at CSU ranging from your classroom experience, to living on campus, to attending sporting events. This is a great location to be able to see more about a variety of topics within the CSU community.


Colorado State University Office of Admissions Playlist 

The Office of Admissions has a large collection of videos over several years that prospective students can view. These videos includes interviews with students about their college experience, applying to CSU or to specific programs at CSU, navigating the Financial Aid process, and much more. Please feel free to watch as many of these videos as would be helpful to you!


CSU College of Business Videos

The College of Business has several video interviews with students regarding their experience!



KCSU is the student radio service at CSU. Not only can you tune into their radio station on campus and beyond, they also have several podcasts that can be accessed online that discuss the student experience, the history of CSU, and resources on campus.